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October 2016

United State Postal Service Launched A Diwali Stamp

For the millions of Indians who live in the United States (4 millions approximately), a Diwali celebration at work or school or in the community is becoming as common as are the celebrations for Christmas or Hanukkah. Diwali traditions such as creating the Rangoli or decorating and lighting of the Diyas are as mainstream now as much is decorating the tree for the Christmas. The White House too officially celebrates Diwali every year now with much enthusiasm.

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Ten Gulab Jamuns

Authors, storytellers and artists have a special place in this blog. It stems from our love for stories and immense respect for people who are still working hard to put art and stories out to the world. Until last year, we did a series called “Living Your Dreams”. The stories on “3 Curious Monkeys“, “Kitab World“,”MeghDoot” and now “Ten Gulab Jamuns” are the stories of people who are living their dream, quite literally. Much of this is happening in the Bay Area. In this post, we sat down with Sandhya Acharya to talk about her dreams of being an author, her first e-book and the kickstarter for the second one.

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MeghDoot – The Cloud Messenger

The artist and curator talking about “Meghdoot” at the exhibit.

In the year 1997, a young artist, was exploring and studying different art forms and mediums as part of her doctorate (PhD). For the artist, there was no limit to art forms – paint, performance, visual art and words, she was exploring it all. The same year she immigrated to a new country. In the foreign land, every thing was new and needed to be built up again. You could hole yourself up in a room and wait till destiny changes its course. Or you could take a copy of the papers of your thesis in your pocket, step out of home, strike a conversation with absolute strangers and ask them if they could make a paper boat of one of those thesis papers. And then with those paper boats, you could create art installations

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Kitaab World : Diverse Is Beautiful

I love reading children’s books. Picture books with colored illustrations are my favorite. I enjoy them as much as my children, sometimes even more than them. But as I read them “The Day The Crayons Came Home” or the Elephant and the Piggie books or even the classics like the Red Riding Hood, I also crave to read to them books that I have grown up reading. The Panchatantra, The Folk Tales from India, Akbar Birbal, Goplal Bhad (in Bengali) and many others. I would put in a request to whoever was traveling to India to get some books or search on Amazon like a mad woman.  Continue reading “Kitaab World : Diverse Is Beautiful”

Liquid Stories

Stories that are evolving, still forming. Stories that have not yet been published or exhibited or told before. Stories that are not inscribed anywhere but are part of daily lives. Stories that have a beginning, but there is neither a climax nor an end. Stories that not just writers, artists and authors are churning out. Stories that are instead coming out from all walks of life, from people who are living those stories. Stories that have not formed yet. Stories that are liquid. 

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