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January 2017

The Invisible

The fact that you have clicked on the link for this blog amidst the other trailblazing news on your social media feed today and evenĀ the blank picture did not put you off in your efforts, is in itself gratitude worthy. Thank you for reading ! We have pondered for a bit about what we should write during the current climate in the country. Storytelling is our forte and that is what we are going to continue to do. Bring forward real stories. The first one is still being read and here is another.

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2017, So now that you are here.

The champagnes have beenĀ popped, the toasts have been made, the celebratory jig has been danced and the wishes have been made. We have welcomed 2017 like we welcome any new year with open arms, loads of hope and a tiny dash of anxiety. 2017 could turn out to be what 2016 could not be.

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