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February 2017

Benign or Malignant ? The Thin Line In Between

Sometime early last year,while I was making an important presentation at work, a text message popped up on my phone . “Call me”  – it said.  An unusually short text from a friend who wrote dangerously lengthy ones and who was also returning from a MRI that day. I remained distracted for the rest of the presentation.

In the days to come, my friend and I shared numerous calls and texts as she underwent further more tests and scans, took second opinions, pondered about her life and then awaited results. What if it was true ? Who would raise the kids? What would I tell my mother ? I should go visit her once. What did I do that may have caused it ? Is it the stress at work or may be it is because I stopped exercising ? I need to go to the gym more often, sleep on time, eat kale, drink more water – she had an endless train of thoughts.

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Why I Marched

Written and Pictures by : Sandhya Acharya

Jan 21st, 2017 – the day of the Women’s March will go down as an important date. Half a million marchers are said to have gathered in D.C alone. Independent estimates state there were more than 3 million marchers in the US. The Women’s March website estimates there were 673 marches around 421 U.S and 200 international cities. It was probably the biggest protest march in American history. Our family of four, comprising one female and three males, also joined ranks with the numerous others to mark our solidarity with the movement.

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