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May 2017

To Mom With Love

Dear Mom,

You recently asked me to write an article for your blog for Mother’s Day, so here we are. Should I make this cheesy, funny, emotional, or the most popular post on your blog to date? Well, here goes!

A lot of things in my life are meh. “How was school today?” “Meh.” “Learn anything new?” “Meh.” “What do you want to eat?” “Meh.” These questions go on for a while until my brother, S starts talking.

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Dear Ma, Happy Mother’s Day !

Dear Ma, 

I know this is completely unexpected and I have never written a note to you before, but I am a mom now and am learning a few new things from my daughter. I promise you though I will not write anything clichéd, not reveal any family secrets or make you teary eyed. 

Thank you for making me the mother I am today. You said the last time you were here that I was pretty good at this thing. I learnt it all from you. I am exactly like you in many ways. Like I always start waking the children thirty minutes before they have asked to be woken up. “Wake up, it is 6am, “ I tell them when it is actually 5:30am only. They wake up rubbing their eyes and look at the clock (or their smartphones) only 15 mins later. When they eventually get mad at me, I smile back innocently just like you did.  A little extra time on hand hurts no body, it is all for their own good they will realize someday, just as I did. 

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