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A Temple Story : A Photo Blog

Spring of 2016 – Part I … Quincy Market, Boston

One always leaves a part of themselves in the city that they have once lived in. The part that you get to re-visit along with all other wonderful memories on trips back to the city. Boston is one such place of memories for me.

Spring break took us across the coast, west to east of the US and the travel started on a bit chaotic note. After a delayed flight, missed connection, forced night halt at SFO, we finally landed at Boston’s Logan airport almost 10 hours late, but happy we had finally made it!

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A Dreadful Night While Traveling By Indian Railways

Travel is meant to be an enjoyable experience but there are times it becomes just the opposite. Our storyteller tells us about a horrifying experience while traveling by train in India a couple of years back. This story happened two years back but similar stories continue to happen even today and there is little to no measure in place to address it. There is also no dearth of onlookers who silently prefer witnessing the wrongdoings. 

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A Short Walk

Sometime we travel all around the world but a little distance to a place in the memory is hard to travel to. Our inner fears, inhibitions and hesitations are so strong that it is not easy to breakthrough them. A traveller’s story of his fears to travel back to his alma-mater.

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Travel For A Better World

When people travel they tend to understand other’s ethnicity, culture and mannerisms better. When they travel they get a deeper insight into other people’s life. When they travel they start knowing what people really are and not just interpret by what is told to them on wiki.

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Ready Steady Po(ndicherry)

Living Your Dreams – Story #2 

How many of us have dreamt leaving everything on hand and going on a backpacking trip all by ourselves, exploring the world, living in unknown destinations. Our second story about is about a person who not just dreamt that but is also living her dreams. Solo backpacking tour by a woman in India is almost unheard of. Shalini Gupta is breaking the norm and doing just that. 

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Washington DC – A Photoblog

In our Travel Post this Friday, we will take you on a trip to Washington D.C. as captured by the lenses of Raj Madabushi. We have spent much of this week meeting and talking to people who are living their dreams, doing something that they are passionate about. People who are constantly finding new things to fall in love with and very forthcoming to talk about it or share their work. 

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The one that started them all – Talihina Sky

In October of 2011, Neha and Jay were both in a training program at Deloitte University, Dallas, Texas. This was also around the time when love was making its way in the life of these two travel enthusiasts. So they decided to take a weekend off to drive to a beautiful small town of Oklahoma. One of the many trips that they would make in the years to come. Today they write and share their travel stories with the world at Weavobe

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New Mexico, The Land Of Enchantments

Why New Mexico? Well,it’s simple. We wanted to go someplace that didn’t easily feature on Expedia’s front page or our friends’ Facebook pictures! We wanted to see some place new…

Enroute to New Mexico 

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